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Traveling Trio

Follow the journey of Mary, Joseph, and their donkey as they travel through the parish. Their first stops are further down and new stops will be added on top. Check back to see their continued travels.


December 22

Mary and Joseph are here. They were led here and introduced to us by Kathy Flemington. We are very excited to welcome the weary travellers to our home for nourishment and rest. Mary was very excited to find a baby in the house and she and Joseph had lots of questions for us about babies. Roan was very excited to see a donkey in the house just like his book The Wonky Donkey. Hee-Haw. We ate a hearty stew and talked about their travels and the people they met along the way. Mary and Joseph retired early as the journey has been long and Mary’s time is very near.

The Milne Family,

Kim, Alexander, Roan, and Aunty Cindy


December 21

"Tonight Mary and Joseph arrived with their donkey, introduced to me by Mary Beth Smythe. This visit gave me the opportunity to reflect on how weary Mary must have been as she prepared to give birth, how difficult the journey must have been and how grateful they would have been to have total strangers open their homes to them along the way. My personal experience with people from a mid eastern culture is one that affirms the likelihood that Mary and Joseph did receive hospitality along their journey. No matter how little one has, one shares with those who need it. Someone recently said to me…'what is money to me when I could save someone’s life with it.'

Creator, I give thanks for all the helpers in this world. Guide my hands and heart so that I too can be a helper. Amen"

Kathy and Wayne Flemington


December 20

And the next day the Travelling Trio were welcomed by the family of Beth Smythe


December 19

The Travelling Trio visit at the home of Mary & Craig Fardoe


December 18

The travelling trio spent Saturday with the Proulx’s. They enjoyed listening to some Christmas carols, and they ended their visit with a very quiet evening spent alone with the dogs, as the Proulx’s gathered with family.


"I was afraid that Joseph and Mary and their donkey wouldn’t get to Curling before Christmas Eve but they didn’t disappoint I had a pot of moose soup on and they sure enjoyed it. Their donkey even had some. They enjoyed my nativity scene and after a good nights rest they are on their way to Bethlehem.

Don and Joyce Perrett St. Mary the Virgin, Curling, NL"


The Travelling Trio showed up in Riverview yesterday. We offered to host them overnight. We found a nice quiet spot in our indoor garden and they seemed quite pleased to have a rest.

Today we will give them a ride a bit farther north in their journey. We wish them well.

Roger and Karen Watson


December 14

Mary, Joseph and their faithful donkey arrived this afternoon, guided safely by our good friend, Doug Cameron.

After supper, we all watched our grandson, Sawyer's Christmas Concert from Verdun, Quebec on Skype.

Our guests were astounded at that!

Tomorrow, after a good rest and breakfast, they will continue their journey, with our prayers and good wishes.

Lynda & Geoff Dean


December 13

We were happy to be able to offer warmth and rest to Mary and Joseph and their donkey. They arrived at our home after being hosted by the Boroski family. When they were leaving, Jenn asked them where they were headed; when they answered south, she told them she knew a place they might stop along the way, and offered to guide them to our home. Jenn and Teresa’s goddaughter Sophia introduced us to their new friends and then bade them farewell. Doug was at the church practicing music (shh, don’t tell them, it will be a surprise! ☺️) so Mary and Joseph were able to rest before dinner. Unfortunately Teresa wasn’t making an Italian supper, but a warm meal was shared and they told us of their journey so far. They have been so grateful for the hospitality, safety and warmth that has been offered. We told them we are afraid the accommodations at the end of their journey might be hard to come by as so many are headed to Bethlehem. We showed them what their lodging might look like so they could prepare. This morning, after a nutritious breakfast they were heading out on the next leg of their journey. As they are heading east now, we suggested a friend who might assist them tonight. We also suggested that if they were able, they might like to go to the stadium tomorrow evening to cheer on our Grey Cup champions, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, as the city celebrates our victory! We wish them blessings as they continue their journey.

Teresa and Doug Cameron


December 12

Mary, Joseph and their donkey arrived at our doorstep this morning! We got them out of the cold and under some warm blankets right away. Sally and Stella, our dogs were very happy to have guests! We asked them about their journey and how far they had come. They had a nap and something to eat after we talked a bit. Once they had woken up we went to Travis’ hockey game. They were very excited to go to a hockey game because they had never gone to one before! They had a great time watching the game, Travis’ team won 3-0! After we returned home from the hockey game we turned on the Grey Cup and watched the Winnipeg Blue Bombers win the Grey Cup! After that everybody went to sleep. We wish them safe travels as they head out in the morning.

Jenn, Jeremi, Emily, Travis and Sophia Boroski


December 11

Saturday evening Keith and I had his mom Kathy over for a visit. The three of us were enjoying some music after dinner when Mary and Joseph arrived. They had quite the story to share with us. Mary and Joseph were so thankful to have somewhere warm to stay - we shared our concern about the people out in the cold. They got to hear some Beethoven and Charlie Brown Christmas before Kathy headed home. I invited Mary to join me in some gentle evening stretches before bed while Joseph marvelled at Keith’s video game. In the morning I shared my advent calendar gummy bears with Mary and Joseph. I lit the third advent candle and told them how I was struggling to find joy this season. Mary and Joseph decided to join me at St. Paul’s so we walked over together in the beautiful morning sunshine. After the service I introduced them to another family who offered to host them on their journey.

Mikaela and Keith


December 10

"Our family was blessed to receive Mary & Joseph and provide warmth and shelter for the night. It gave us a much needed opportunity to gather together and pause in our day to reflect on and pray for others that may be struggling in their journey during this time. Gord & Cheryl, Brayden, Mason Juras"


December 9

We were very excited on the evening of December ninth, when Mary Joseph & Donkey arrived at our door. We took them in from the cold and gave them warm lodging in our home.

It was an honour and privilege to have such special visitors even if the stay was short. We wish them safe journey as they leave us tomorrow.

> Dorothy & Richard Pilbeam


On day 7 of their journey, Mary, Joseph and their donkey arrived at our apartment for a rest during their long travels. Meredith showed them our Christmas village and helped settle them under the Christmas tree. May they bring peace and blessings to all they meet on their journey. Bill and Lorraine Powell


December 5

As we arrived at Church on Sunday morning, we were greeted by Carole Hreno, with a great smile on her face. She had experienced a pleasant visit from a very important trio - Mary, Joseph, and their donkey, and she was passing her joy on to us. We welcomed them into our home, and they seemed to be able to relax and rest up for the next step of their journey. Mary rested for most of the afternoon and evening, while Joseph was marvelling at that great big picture on our wall. He could not seem to grasp what was happening when a bunch of guys were chasing around a big field after a "pigskin". He was even more baffled in the evening, when I tried to explain why a bunch more guys, on ice, were chasing after a little black disk. Joseph was not familiar with ice, and with the concept of skating, and he had great difficulty understanding why these guys would be pushing and shoving each other, and whacking each other with sticks, all in the hope of touching that little black disk. The concept of "peace on earth" does not seem to fit well into either of those televised debacles. As they continue their journey, the trio has gone to stay with Bill and Lorraine Powell.

Sue and Bob Piper


The Travelling Trio's next stop was at the home of Donna and Anne Cawker.


"We were very surprised when Mary, Joseph and the Donkey arrived at our door on the evening of the Third Day of Advent. They did not expect to have been so long on the road. They had never been more than one day’s journey from Nazareth and so were unfamiliar with the distances between villages and places of hospitality. After a late supper, we all stood around our prayer candle to give thanks for their safe arrival. With prayers over, we asked them to tell us their destination and of their dreams for the future. They explained about the new and unwelcomed census that the Roman emperor was demanding and why they had to travel all the way to Bethlehem. Then they spoke quietly and with a sense of wonder that they expected that their baby would be born at the end of their travels. Mary said that really all she could dream about for now was just the birth of their baby and their becoming parents. Joseph echoed Mary’s words. As they were talking about their dream of that event, it seemed as if the spirit of their dream of that soon to be future was becoming visual beside them. Perhaps we were all hypnotised by the steady flame of the candle. Perhaps, their dream of that birth was so powerful and spirit filled that it seemed to become our dream, too. Whatever, the explanation, it was time for our weary travellers to find their rest. We extinguished the candle, the image beside them faded away, but the feeling of that spirit filled moment has stayed, and will always remain."

Bernie and Beth Beare


December 1

On Wednesday morning we were pleasantly surprised to find Mary, Joseph and their donkey at our front door just as we were beginning to decorate our tree. We welcomed them in and as they were very tired from their journey, they relaxed while we continued to decorate the tree. Mary was interested in all the various ornaments. We told them that they came from many different countries around the world. Joseph especially liked the bells and handcrafted wooden ornaments. After a relaxing afternoon, much needed rest and dinner, it was soon time to retire for the night. Mary and Joseph were serenaded to sleep under our tree with an angel playing her harp and a little mouse singing. Their donkey bedded down in the stable with a couple of sheep, a cow and another donkey. After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, Mary, Joseph and their beloved donkey were ready for another day’s travel. With our good wishes for a safe journey and our thanks for an enjoyable visit, they were on their way. Peg and Peter Williams


November 28

"Here is a photo of the holy family at their first stop. What a honour to have them spend their first night with us! They enjoyed watching us eat dinner, though were quickly moved off the table, as the spaghetti and meat sauce could have been a terrible “little” legacy on Mary’s dress! Our new puppy did not mistake them for a dog toy, so they were able to make a safe journey to their next stop, the Hilton’s. Merry Christmas to all!

Gail, Doug, Amelia and Evelyn Little (oh, and Pixel too!)"


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